Help FreeOrion come to Fedora

Last month, Fedora Magazine published an article on how to compile and install FreeOrion. That article sparked some interest in open-source gaming on Fedora, and now FreeOrion is coming to Fedora.

Installing FreeOrion

FreeOrion is currently available in the fedora-updates-testing repositories for Fedora 24 and 25. To install it, temporarily enable the “testing” repository with dnf:

dnf --enablerepo=updates-testing install freeorion

Once installed, you can launch the app either from withing GNOME Shell or by running freeorion in Terminal.

Help Wanted

Bodhi is Fedora’s package update system. Fedora packagers stage new versions of their packages in Bodhi. This gives adventurous users the chance to test out upcoming versions of packages before they land in fedora-updates. Providing feedback doesn’t require a Fedora Account; simply fill out the form on each update page with your feedback.

Feedback consists of comments, and either a positive or negative “karma” vote. Once a package has received enough positive karma, the submitter can push the package to the stable repositories, making it available to all Fedora users.

Don’t stop with FreeOrion! Providing feedback to testing packages in Bodhi is a great way to get started contributing to Fedora on your own time. It helps packagers and improves the overall quality of packages that land in the stable updates repository.

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