Ralph Bean: Factory 2, Sprint 8 Report

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Happy New Year from the Factory 2.0 team.

Here’s a reminder of our current priorities. We are:

  • Preparing elementary build infrastructure for the Fedora 26 Alpha release.
  • Deserializing pipeline processes that could be done more quickly in parallel.
  • Building a dependency chain database, so that we can build smarter rebuild
    automation and pipeline analytics.
  • Monitoring pipeline performance metrics, so that as we later improve things
    we can be sure we had an effect.

We are on track with respect to three of the four priorities: module build
infrastructure will be ready before the F26 Alpha freeze. Our VMs are
provisioned, we’re working through the packaging rituals, and we’ll be ready
for an initial deployment shortly after devconf.
Internally, our MvP of resultsdb and resultsdb-updater are working and pulling
data from some early-adopter Platform Jenkins masters and our internal
performance measurement work is bearing fruit slowly but steadily: we have two
key metrics updating automatically on our kibana dashboard, with two more in
progress to be completed in the coming sprints.

We have made a conscious decision to put our work on the internal depedency
chain database on hold. We’re going to defer our deployment to production for a
few months to ensure that our efforts don’t collide with a separate release
engineering project ongoing now.

Tangentially, we’re glad to be assisting with the adoption of
robosignatory for automatic rpm signing.
It’s an excellent example of upstream/downstream cooperation between the Fedora
and RHEL services teams.

mbs-optimization, by jkaluza

This demo shows optimizations of module build in module build service comparing
the diagrams from old and new version of MBS.

<video autobuffer=”autobuffer” controls=”controls” height=”350″ width=”600″>
<source src=”https://fedorapeople.org/groups/factory2/sprint-008//jkaluza-mbs-optimization.ogv”>

resultsdb-updater-pdc-updater-updates, by mprahl

This demo shows the changes in ResultsDB-Updater and how it reflects in ResultsDB. Additionally,
progress is shown on pdc-updater working internally.

<video autobuffer=”autobuffer” controls=”controls” height=”350″ width=”600″>
<source src=”https://fedorapeople.org/groups/factory2/sprint-008//mprahl-resultsdb-updater-pdc-updater-updates.mp4″>

developers-instance, by fivaldi

In this video, I am presenting local devleoper’s instance of MBS using
docker-compose. The aim is to provide the simplest way of a custom MBS
instance for dev/testing purposes. At the end, I’m showing how to submit
a testing module build.

<video autobuffer=”autobuffer” controls=”controls” height=”350″ width=”600″>
<source src=”https://fedorapeople.org/groups/factory2/sprint-006//fivaldi-developers-instance.ogv”>

fedpkg-pdc-modulemd, by jkaluza

This demo shows the newly implemented “fedpkg module-build” command workflow
and improved storage of module metadata in the PDC.

<video autobuffer=”autobuffer” controls=”controls” height=”350″ width=”600″>
<source src=”https://fedorapeople.org/groups/factory2/sprint-006//jkaluza-fedpkg-pdc-modulemd.ogv”>

mbs-scheduler-and-resultsdb-prod, by mprahl

This demo briefly explains the changes in the Module Build Service scheduler to use fedmsg’s “Hub-Consumer” approach.
Additionally, ResultsDB is briefly shown in production with results populated from ResultsDB-Updater.

<video autobuffer=”autobuffer” controls=”controls” height=”350″ width=”600″>
<source src=”https://fedorapeople.org/groups/factory2/sprint-006//mprahl-mbs-scheduler-and-resultsdb-prod.mp4″>

module-checks-in-taskotron, by threebean

In this demo, I show how we’ve wrapped elementary tests produced by the
base-runtime team so that they can be executed and managed by the taskotron CI
system in place in Fedora Infrastructure. Benefits include:

  • No lock-in to taskotron. Jenkins-job-builder could wrap the core test in a similar way.
  • An avocado-to-resultsdb translator is written which will be generally useful in future sprints.

Work on taskotron-trigger to automatically respond to dist-git events was
implemented and merged upstream, but is pending a release and deployment.

<video autobuffer=”autobuffer” controls=”controls” height=”350″ width=”600″>
<source src=”https://fedorapeople.org/groups/factory2/sprint-006//threebean-module-checks-in-taskotron.ogv”>

Source From: fedoraplanet.org.
Original article title: Ralph Bean: Factory 2, Sprint 8 Report.
This full article can be read at: Ralph Bean: Factory 2, Sprint 8 Report.


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