Tim Bielawa: GitHub + Gmail — Filtering for Review Requests and Mentions

The Problem

I’ve been looking for a way to filter my GitHub Pull Request lists under the condition that a review is requested of me. The online docs didn’t show any filter options for this, so I checked out the @GitHubHelp twitter account. The answer was there on the front page — they don’t support filtering PRs by review-requested-by:me yet:

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So what is one to do? I’m using Gmail so I began considering what filter options were available to me there. My objectives were to clearly label and highlight:

  •  PRs where review has been requested
  • Comments where I am @mention‘d

Interested in knowing more? Read on after the break for all the setup details.

Review Requested

Applying labels for PRs where a review is requested of me is a little hacky, but the solution I came up with works well enough. When your review is requested you should receive an email from GitHub with a predictable message in it

@kwoodson requested your review on: openshift/openshift-ansible#3130 Adding oc_version to lib_openshift..

That highlighted part there, requested your review on:, is the key.

In Gmail we’re going to add a new filter. You can reach the new filter menu through the settings interface or by hitting the subtle little down-triangle (▾) left of the magnifying glass (?) button in the search bar.

  • In the “Has the words” input box put (in quotes!): "requested your review on:" (You can pick a specific repo if you wish by including it in the search terms)
  • Press the Create filter with this search » link

  • Use the “Apply the label” option to create a new label, for example, “Review Requested”
  • You might want to check the “Also apply filter to X matching conversations” box
  • Create the new filter


Labeling @mention‘s in Gmail is a little easier and less prone to error than the review request filter could be. It also follows a similar process.

  1. Create a new filter
  2. In the “To” input box put: Mention <mention@noreply.github.com>
  3. Press the Create filter with this search » link
  4. Continue from step 4 in the previous example



Source From: fedoraplanet.org.
Original article title: Tim Bielawa: GitHub + Gmail — Filtering for Review Requests and Mentions.
This full article can be read at: Tim Bielawa: GitHub + Gmail — Filtering for Review Requests and Mentions.

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