Url Search Or Validation – Regex

This two regexes below will help you validate a user’s input to see if the data contained an URL. For uniform purpose most of the software I worked with store URL in the database as “http://” or “https://” format. Thus I assume it is the uniform way of handling URL information.

This regex will check for both http:// and https:// . The drawn back of this regex is you can put a http://1.1.1 and it would still be a valid input. Also, this regex can’t check for http://www.com. If the input is in the format of http://www.com then the input must match the following format of “http://www.www.com”. However, for anything else, the input data can be in the format of “http://example.com”.


This below regex will check for both http and https. It can check for both http://www.com or https://www.com. It can also check for www.abc.co.ab. The regex below does not accept http://1.1.1 as a valid URL.


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