Julita Inca Chiroque: Python GTK+ 3 workshop on FEDORA #LinuXatPUCP

Yesterday we celebrated a very nice workshop. Students from universities such as UNTELS, UPIG, UTP, UNMSM, UNI, UIGV and PUCP gathered together to follow the Python GTK+3 tutorial.

Our journey started at 9:00 am with meeting people to gather them into the Lab V205 at PUCP. Here are the first ones in getting the place (Thanks for being on time).

img_7168Then we had the talk of Neville from FEDORA.  Lovely Neville introduced guys into the ICARO project and recommended us to actively send mails to the lists to activate our FAS account and to demonstrate work of the students to the different FEDORA groups 🙂

nevilleThen we did the workshop virtually on FEDORA 25. Thanks to Martin and Felipe to support students issues during the workshop. Sheyla help us with the git account while Fabian did work on the bug #709865

linuxpucpWe shared lunch and two photo groups until we have finally completed the first modules.

comidaSpecial thanks to authorities of PUCP (Felipe Solari and Walter Segama) for the unconditional help and let us use the lab. Highlighted the labor of Neville from FEDORA Nicaragua and Fabio from GNOME Chile, great masters and mentors of both projects!

mentores* This is the step by step of the experience from my point of view:

1.- Cloning the jhbuild into the development directory:

gtk12.- Then you must install the packages that are missing after doing autogen:

pantalla023.- In my case the automake package was missing:

pantalla034.- The gettext package was done with the devel part:

pantalla055.- After no having errors, we can do make


6.- Start the installation with make install

pantalla097.- We are going to set the local commands into the bashrc

pantalla108.- Sanity check let us know the package that still missing to install jhbuild

pantalla119.- The python-dbus was crucial during this labor

pantalla1210.- In my case I also needed to install the libtool package

pantalla1311.- Installing all the dependence packages of jhbuild

pantalla1412.- This message must be shown after struggling with the packages for FEDORA

pantalla1513.- Another package that must install to achieve the pygobjet is redhat-rpm-config

pantalla1714.- Now we are able to install pygobject

pantalla2115.- The SUCCESS message have finally appeared!

pantalla2216.- The installation of GTK3 is a dream came true:

pantalla2317.- Then we must be alert by the terminal that we made it!

pantalla2518.- Into the development file, we are going to create our sample-jhbuild-gtk directory

pantalla2619.- Running  the first python code main.py using gtk


20.-  The work of the participants:

Final picture of our effort! Thanks FEDORA and GNOME ❤

img_7243If you wish, you can see more pictures here 🙂

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