Update We Are Mirroring Our Blog and Saying Goodbye to CodeProject

** Published at 12:17 AM Pacific Time | GMT -8 | Feburary 16 2017**

We are mirroring our blog to programming.world.edu , www.iblog.website is also setting up.

We are saying goodbye to Codeproject simply because all our articles that posted on Codeproject is stealing our search engine ranking base on the exact keyword pair and Codeproject requires that we post our contents in full and remove automatic excerpt link from our RSS feeds.

Since the beginning to now all our contents that posted on CodeProject do not earn us a single traffic back to our website. Also CodeProject requires that contents posted on their site have to follow their licensing protocol without due respect into the original author’s copyright protocol. For all the above reasons we are removing ourselves from CodeProject.

For the easy of our readers to be able to find our content or read the history of it. Our contents is also now save on the internet archive Wayback Machine once they are fully release and spell checked.

** Edited at 1:35AM Pacific Time | GMT -8 | Feburary 16 2017**
** Grammar Corrected at 1:39AM Pacific Time | GMT -8 | Feburary 16 2017**
One more thing, after this news is updated there is a lot of IP from multi nation trying to access the login URL of this WordPress. Nevertheless I backup all data to from the database. I was wondering if this is a co-incident. CodeProject claim that I am a spammer for posting the same article in for difference programming languages using the same skeleton. This traffic log to my login URL will be publicly available in multi location including the wayback machine. I am not accusing CodeProject for doing this, I am just saying this is too much of a co-incidents.

This post was written by Kevin and was first post @ http://kevinhng86.iblog.website.
Original Post Name: "Update We Are Mirroring Our Blog and Saying Goodbye to CodeProject".
Original Post Link: http://kevinhng86.iblog.website/2017/02/16/update-we-are-mirroring-our-blog-and-saying-goodbye-to-codeproject/.

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