Julita Inca Chiroque: #LinuxPlaya Preparation

As #LinuxPlaya draws near, we’ve been preparing things to the event. We first did a workshop to help others to finish the GTK+Python tutorial for developers. While some other students from different universities in Lima did some posts to prove that they use Linux (FEDORA+GNOME). You can see in the following list, the various areas where they had worked: design, robotics, education, by using tech as Docker and a Snake GTK game.


Thanks to GNOME and FEDORA we are going to go to the beach Santa Maria on March 4th, and we are going to do more than social networking.  In the morning we are going to present our projects and then we are going to encourage them to apply to the GSoC program. Lunch time and afternoon games are also planned for this occasion. These are  the summer merchandising we are going to offer to our guests.

It’s a pleasure to have Damian Nohales from GNOME Argentina as our international guest



Most of the participants are also leaders in their universities and they are going to replicate the meetings in their places.  This is the case of Leyla Marcelo who is an entrepreneur leader in her university UPN and our designer in the last Linux events I organised in Lima, Peru.  Special thanks to Softbutterfly for the Internet support that day!


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