nonamedotc: gparted 0.28.1

A new version of gparted was released recently and I have updated the Fedora package to the latest version – 0.28.1.

This version brings a rather exciting (at least, to me) update – ability to copy and resize already open LUKS filesystems.

For full details, see gparted release notes of both 0.28.0 and 0.28.1

0.28.0 – release notes (0.28.0)

0.28.1 – release notes (0.28.1)

This update is, at the moment, only pushed for Fedora 25. I will test this and submit an update for EPEL-7 in the next few days.

Obligatory screenshots –

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Original article title: nonamedotc: gparted 0.28.1.
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