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Thank you to all my readers for following on my contents. The “Infinity Multiplication” chapter three had all been released for eight programming languages.

Some of my readers must be wondering if this is the end of Infinity Multiplication. There are five chapters on the infinity multiplication subject. Chapter four will be release next week. I had not create a schedule release date for chapter five at this moment. There are two to three parts to chapter five. I can’t reveal the name for the chapters at this moment, however the beginning name for chapter five is “True Infinity”.

There will be a minor release of Chapter 3B for JavaScript, Ruby, Perl, PHP and Java. This release is to make the code more portable and operate faster.

There will be a touch up on grammar and wording for some of the previous articles that I released. Some of the comments on the old articles or source code did not make sense when I re-read them. Therefor they will be edited.

In the coming week there will be a sweepstake for sharing the infinity multiplication chapter on a social network. You only need to share one article to earn a chance to win a domain name. The value of the domain name can vary.

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