Julita Inca Chiroque: FEDORA and GNOME at UNSAAC

Today I did a talk to introduce students of UNSAAC to the Fedora and GNOME world as it was announced by the GDG Cusco group. We started at 8:30 am and it was a free event:


I started by arranging a table with the stickers and other merchandisings to give them as a prize to the attendances in the room, and of course the balloons of the projects as follow:


As it is usual, my first question is how many people in the audience use Linux and this time only one guy use Ubuntu and the rest of people used Windows.

Then, I did a review of the whole Linux history to depict the Fedora and GNOME projects into the scene. I pointed out also the GSoC and Outreachy program for students, as well as indicating the relationship between Fedora and Red Hat and the benefits of them.

fedora04As in my lecturing classes I promote the participation of the students by responding the questions during the presentation, besides they sometimes were wrong.

fedora03One thing that almost all the participants were worried was about the privacy and patent of their new ideas, they expressed that might somebody else could stealing them. Does the Free Software do something to protect them?

fedora09I must say that I was impressed by the presentation of local projects to improve their local community (the government sector specifically)  by using Django and Angular. We have share a coffee break and thanks to Damian Nohales for his support during the entire event.

fedora05Some of them willing to come to Lima next Saturday to attend the Linux Playa event 🙂 These are the photos of the group of this great experience:

fedora01It is obvious to say that Cusco is an amazing cosmopolitan city to eat a delicious “cuy”:

fedora07Damian from GNOME Argentina and I did a voluntary job to promote Fedora & GNOME. I must thank again to Mitzuko, leader of GDG in Cuzco for arranging the meetup, and another special thanks to the Fedora project to support my flight ticket Lima-Cuzco-Lima.

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