Introduction To Chapter Five Of The Infinity Formula And Schedule Release

Thank you to all my reader for following up on my contents. I had released chapter four for the infinity formula with the prototype version of the infiXF program. The program is best to utilize in a 64 bits base operating environment. However, can be converted to run on a 32 bits operating environment. A 32 bits operating system’s file system does not support files that are larger than 2GB. Therefore on a 32 bits operating environment, file A and B can’t be more than 1GB in size. For the production version of infiXF, the core power for calculating results will be infiX.

As most of my readers probably wonder if chapter five is the production version of infiXF. InfiXF can probably be used in a production environment. I had tested the program since I first built the program and translate the program to seven different coding platform. The only drawback in the prototype version is the efficient issues. Nevertheless, chapter five is not in regard to the infiXF production version. Chapter five is all about the infinity formula which I had been brainstorming the idea for months.

At first, I thought there would be five chapter in the infinity formula. However, as it seems at the current state, there may be plenty more than five chapters for the infinity subject. Chapter five code are all theory code. Chapter five will have three parts, part one will have the name “The Formula”. Part two and three names can’t be disclosed at this moment due to the element of surprise. Part one of chapter five will not have much code and will only be describing the formula. The formula can’t be rewritten in different words, therefore the articles that I release for chapter five in seven to eight programming languages will be the same. The only different is each version of the article will hold a test code that will test all the previous version of the infinity formula and all the previous version of the infinity multiplication into one source file for easy testing.

Future releases of infinity multiplication:

  1. Chapter 5 – *: One to two week from now.
  2. Chapter 7 – Multi Threading VR 1 : Unknown date
  3. Chapter 9 – Optimised XF : Unknown date
  4. Chapter 10 – The Un Ending Bit : Unknown date
  5. Chapter 11 – Let Render This : Unknown date

The name of the chapters above may change. Some code of the previous chapters of the infinity subject for groovy and java will be re-written. The reason is because I want to change the primitive type’s object to the primitive type so that it does not confuse the readers. Nevertheless, before releasing chapter five, most of the articles that I wrote previously will be correct in grammar and spell edit.

After releasing the full chapter five of the infinite multiplication subject I will first release this subject for addition, and subtracting before starting to release chapter seven to eleven. Chapter four may not be available in JavaScript. This is a sad part for me because the infinity formula first ever prototype which was the addition prototype was first written in JavaScript.

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