Julita Inca Chiroque: Post -Linux Playa at PUCP

Yesterday we have a session post-event #LinuxPlaya at PUCP allocating for morning and afternoon sessions. The idea was to guide students who has a potential talent to apply to the GSoC for GNOME and Fedora program as well as the Outreachy for GNOME.

Thanks to the support of Damian and Fabian (Ex GNOME GSoC guys) who guided students from different universities in Lima, Peru. We reviewed the GSoC ideas for gnome-todo, games, and calendar; the IRC channels, lists and ways to reach the mentors.

This session promoted the post of one woman developer called Geny Leon and the two candidates to the documentation GNOME team: Lizeth Lucero and Solanch Ccasa 🙂

Thanks to Genghis Rios who let us use the installations of PUCP for these sessions:

I must highlight the labor of Damian Nohales from GNOME Argentina who had helped me so much during these sessions and particularly also to help the student Ariano Cordero. We visited his home in order to help him to file the patch to the bug 624963.

Public thanks to this incredible man! Thanks Damian Nohales for this! ❤

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