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Thank you all my readers for following on my contents. Chapter five of the Infinity Multiplication subject will be released starting on Monday or Tuesday in the coming week. There was a delay, seemingly because I had to fix up a couple of issues with the websites. Another reason is because chapter five will also be released onto multi-website at the same time.

I have been long not wanting to disclose the hackers’ IPs that tried to attack the front http server and the back-end hosting. Nevertheless, everything will be disclosed, and all logs will be posted. When did and why did? I have a couple of stories to tell, I actually keep a log of all events. Nevertheless, it does not mean that those people did it. It just means a great coincidence. Also, hackers were getting free Amazon AWS Server to mask them as Google bot. That just tell you how cheap hacker now a day become. Digitalocean’s hosting IP was also on the list. There are a little bit more than 30 IPs that guarantee hacker and around 100+ IP that could be hacking attempts. Nevertheless, these could be coming from only a handful of the individual.

Nevertheless, enough evidence is collected, it is almost the time to disclose the evidence and share the evidence to get some advice.

Currently, the Infinity subject is being delay for released until the end of April, 2017. This is because I am currently researching on how serious the hacking scheme was. — The red text was written On April 18, 2017

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