Ralph Bean: Factory 2, Sprint 12

Late report here. This sprint actually concluded two weeks ago. We did a
combined demo with the Modularity and base-runtime teams, but never published
our stuff independently. Better late than never; here it is!

mbs-in-production, by threebean

In this demo I show the Module Build Service in its initial deployment to
production, showing how to query the API and how to submit a new module build.

At the request of FESCo, use of the MBS is locked down to only members of the
Modularity Working Group until we have an FPC approved module review process in
place in the F27 timeframe.

<video controls=”controls” height=”350″ preload=”none” width=”600″>
<source src=”https://fedorapeople.org/groups/factory2/sprint-012//threebean-mbs-in-production.ogv”>

multiple_submit_same_nvr, by fivaldi

When someone tries to submit the module build and some components
are submitted for a build and the module build fails but the submitted
components are not removed from the Koji, there can be a situation where
the same module and component is submitted for a build for second time,
but the first Koji build of this component finishes before the second one.
This video presents how this is handled via requests to Koji API.

<video controls=”controls” height=”350″ preload=”none” width=”600″>
<source src=”https://fedorapeople.org/groups/factory2/sprint-012//fivaldi_multiple_submit_same_nvr.ogv”>

pungi_modular_compose, by jkaluza

<video controls=”controls” height=”350″ preload=”none” width=”600″>
<source src=”https://fedorapeople.org/groups/factory2/sprint-012//jkaluza_pungi_modular_compose.ogv”>

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Original article title: Ralph Bean: Factory 2, Sprint 12.
This full article can be read at: Ralph Bean: Factory 2, Sprint 12.


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