Bodhi: 2.5.0

Bodhi 2.5.0 is a feature and bugfix release.


  • #1313 – The web interface now uses the Fedora Bootstrap theme. The layout of the update page has also been revamped to display the information about an update in a clearer manner.
  • The bodhi CLI now has a --url flag that can be used to switch which Bodhi server it communicates with. The BODHI_URL environment can also be used to configure this flag.
  • The documentation has been reorganized.
  • The Python bindings are now documented.
  • 6d6de4bc – Bodhi will now announce that karma has been reset to 0 when builds are added or removed from updates.
  • d3ccc579 – Bodhi will now announce that autokarma has been disabled when an update received negative karma.
  • 57a80f42 – The docs theme is now Alabaster.
  • #1322 – The Bodhi documentation now has a description of Bodhi on the landing page.
  • #1323 – The REST API is now documented.
  • 1087939b – The client Python bindings can now accept a base_url that doesn’t end in a slash.


  • #902 – The position of the Add Comment button is now the bottom right.
  • #1187 – An unusuable --request flag has been removed from a CLI command.
  • #1296 – The cursor is now a pointer when hovering over Releases button.
  • #1305 – The number of days to stable is now correctly calculated on updates.
  • d5bec3fa – Fix a query regular expression so that Fedora update ids work.
  • #1033 – Karma thresholds can now be set when autopush is disabled.

Development improvements

  • The Vagrant development environment automatically configures the BODHI_URL environment variable so that the client talks to the local server instead of production or staging.
  • Test coverage is up another percentage to 82%.
  • Bodhi is now PEP-8 compliant.
  • The development environment now displays all Python warnings once.

Release contributors

The following developers contributed to Bodhi 2.5.0:

  • Ryan Lerch
  • Trishna Guha
  • Jeremy Cline
  • Ankit Raj Ojha
  • Ariel O. Barria
  • Randy Barlow

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