Showtime Launches Offline Viewing for Entire TV and Movie Catalogue on iPhone and iPad

Showtime today announced that users will now be able to download offline versions of the network’s shows on smartphones and tablets, thanks to a new download button that will enable users to stock up on episodes to watch even when they’re not connected to the internet (via Variety). Offline viewing will be available for both customers who subscribe to Showtime through a cable bundle and use Showtime Anytime [Direct Link], as well as cord-cutters who use the standalone Showtime app [Direct Link].

Following today’s update, users can find the new “download” button on the details page of any show, and from there they can choose standard definition (540p) or high definition (720p), while tablet users will have the highest definition option of 1080p available. Showtime said that its entire catalogue is available to download at launch, including shows like Homeland, Billions, and The Affair, along with movies, documentaries, and sports and comedy specials.

“With our new download feature, subscribers now have the freedom to watch their favorite Showtime programming anywhere they are, regardless of the available internet or wireless connection,” said Showtime Networks COO Tom Christie. “We have truly become a network you can watch on the go.”

Offline viewing has become a popular feature with users as companies like Netflix and Amazon have begun integrating the ability into their mobile apps, although it sometimes has limitations. Netflix, for example, only allows users to download from a certain collection of its large TV and movie library. Starz and Epix also provide offline downloads, leaving HBO as the last remaining premium cable company which doesn’t support the feature.

Offline viewing will be available on iOS, Android, and Amazon Fire tablets and should begin appearing as an update today.

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Original article title: Showtime Launches Offline Viewing for Entire TV and Movie Catalogue on iPhone and iPad.
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