Fedora Magazine: How to open a terminal from Nautilus

When using Files (aka Nautilus), have you ever wanted to quickly open a terminal to run a command at the current location? The gnome-terminal-nautilus add-on for Nautilus provides a right-click context menu item to quickly open a new gnome-terminal window in the current location.

gif of the nautilus terminal add-on in action

This little tweak to the nautilus interface is super handy for those times when you need to run a quick command over some files that you are looking at in the graphical file browser.

Installing gnome-terminal-nautilus

This add-on can be installed via the Software application in Fedora Workstation. Simply locate the Files (Nautilus) entry in Software, and scroll down to the Add-ons section. Click the checkbox next to Terminal Plugin for Files to install the add-on:

Alternatively, if you are more comfortable with the command-line, install the add-on with the following DNF command:

sudo dnf install gnome-terminal-nautilus

After installation, the Open in Terminal option should appear in the right click context menu in Files. If it does not appear after installation, force Nautilus to close by running nautilus -q in your terminal, then reopen Nautilus.

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Original article title: Fedora Magazine: How to open a terminal from Nautilus.
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