Fedora Magazine: Share Fedora: Maintaining Existing Community

Last week the Fedora community was asked to share ideas for encouraging new contributors. Opensource.com collected many great responses. This week the blogging challenge continues with ideas on how to maintain existing community.  his is another critical issue for Fedora on a regular basis. Share your thoughts and become part of the worldwide spread of open source and the ideas behind it.

What you can do

Write a blog post about this week’s theme and publish it. Please consider adding the link in the comments to this post. Tweet or use other social media to send your link to both opensource.com and us, by including the hashtags #osscommunities and #Fedora.

Opensource.com will publish a roundup of posts every Friday. Do you want to see your post included? Then let everyone know about it by Thursday.

This week’s theme is maintaining existing community.

You’re free to write about anything related to the theme. But opensource.com offers the following suggested topics:

  • Who was the first community manager you ever met? (Give them a heads up before you write about them, if you can!)
  • Should community managers sit in marketing or engineering?
  • Tell us about a long-term working relationship you’ve had with a community online, whom you haven’t met in person.
  • How does meeting people IRL (in real life) help or improve working relationships?
  • Can you have too big a community? If so, what’s “too big”, and what problems does it cause?
  • How do you encourage and retain non-code contributors?
  • What does a community manager do?

We look forward to seeing your stories!

Source From: fedoraplanet.org.
Original article title: Fedora Magazine: Share Fedora: Maintaining Existing Community.
This full article can be read at: Fedora Magazine: Share Fedora: Maintaining Existing Community.


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