Kushal Das: Event report: FOSSASIA 2017

FOSSASIA 2017 reminded me of foss.in. After a long time, finally, a conference
which has the similar aspects. Similar kind of tight organizing team, the
presence of upstream communities from different locations. The participation
from the local Singapore tech community along with Hackerspace
is a serious boost. This was my 4th
FOSSASIA conference, and also 3rd time in Singapore. I should thank Mario,
Hong, and rest of the organizers to make this event a very pleasant experience.

This time Sayan booked an Airbnb for Anwesha and me. Saptak + Medo + Siddhesh +
Praveen Patil, and Pooja Yadav, & Pravin Kumar were also staying in the same
Airbnb in the Chinatown. The conference venue was the Singapore Science Center
just like last year. Having the conference in the same place helps as the MRT
route is very easy to reach there on time.

The day before the conference we had a speakers meetup in the Singapore
Microsoft office. We also received a tour of the office, the person in-charge
also explained about how are managing an office without permanent seating

Day one

The conference started at 9:24AM (as Hong asked us to remember the time). I
attended the talks from Harish
and Chan Cheow Hoe. The
idea of having the CIO of the country coming to the conference and giving a
talk on Open Source is a great
feeling. In 2015 we had Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Vivian Balakrishnan
giving a keynote (and talking about the NodeJS code he wrote). The way govt. is
taking part in the local community events is something other countries should
try to learn. Of course, Singapore has the benefit of being small in size.

Though the day was full of talks related to AI and machine learning, there were
two talks I was waiting to attend. After lunch, the first one was from Bunnie
Huang, where he spoke about making technology more
. He talked about
Chibitronics. Before I traveled to Singapore, I
actually asked him to get a copy of his new book, The Hardware
. I got my copy signed by him
after his talk 🙂 (I already finished the book while coming back to India, more
on that later in a separate blog post). I also met Xobs and
found a Chibtronics Love-to-Code board in his pocket 🙂

Later in the day, Frank Karlitschek gave his keynote titled Protecting privacy
with free software
. He brought up
the original idea of the Internet being decentralized. The last talk of the day
was a panel discussion on
Artificial Intelligence.

Day 2 & Day 3

I spent most of the time in the Python track, and in between jumping around
different floors of the venue meeting people. I personally had a two-hour
workshop on MicroPython and NodeMCU. Anwesha was busy in the PyLadies table
along with Pooja. I forgot to show the poster of PyCon
in the Python track 🙁 But you can still submit talks
and attend the conference. Sadly this will clash with another conference for

Anwesha had her talk on day 3, and her laptop’s display decided to crash just
before the talk. But finally the slides came back 🙂 I also attended the
SELinux workshop from Jason
Zaman. He and few BSD friends convinced me to try out ZFS, and then build a
new home storage with FreeNAS.

Now I have to wait for the next edition of FOSSASIA. It is a great place where
I can meet my friends from different parts of the world, and share ideas 🙂

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