Bodhi: 2.6.0

Special instructions

  1. The database migrations have been trimmed in this release. To upgrade to this version of Bodhi
    from a version prior to 2.3, first upgrade to Bodhi 2.3, 2.4, or 2.5, run the database
    migrations, and then upgrade to this release.
  2. Bodhi cookies now expire, but cookies created before 2.6.0 will not automatically expire. To
    expire all existing cookies so that only expiring tickets exist, you will need to change
    authtkt.secret to a new value in your settings file.

Dependency adjustments

  • zope.sqlalchemy is no longer a required dependency (#1414).
  • WebOb is no longer a directly required dependency, though it is still indirectly required through


  • The web UI footer has been restyled to fit better with the new theme (#1366).
  • A link to documentation has been added to the web UI footer (#1321).
  • The bodhi CLI now supports editing updates (#937).
  • The CLI’s USERNAME environment variable is now documented, and its --user flag is
    clarified (28dd380).
  • The icons that we introduced in the new theme previously didn’t have titles.
    Consequently, a user might not have know what these icons meant. Now if a user
    hovers over these icons, they get a description of what they mean, for
    example: “This is a bugfix update” or “This update is in the critial path”
  • Update pages with lots of updates look cleaner (#1351).
  • Update page titles are shorter now for large updates (#957).
  • Add support for alternate architectures to the MasherThread.wait_for_sync() (#1343).
  • Update lists now also include type icons next to the updates (5983d99).
  • Testing updates use a consistent label color now (6233064).
  • openQA results are now displayed in the web ui (450dbaf).
  • Bodhi cookies now expire. There is a new authtkt.timeout setting that sets Bodhi’s session
    lifetime, defaulting to 1 day.


  • Comments that don’t carry karma don’t count as a user’s karma vote (#829).
  • The web UI now uses the update alias instead of the title so editors of large updates can click
    the edit button (#1161).
  • Initialize the bugtracker in main() instead of on import so that docs can be built without
    installing Bodhi (#1359).
  • Make the release graph easier to read when there are many datapoints (#1172).
  • Optimize the JavaScript that loads automated test results from ResultsDB (#983).
  • Bodhi’s testing approval comment now respects the karma reset event (#1310).
  • pop and copy now lazily load the configuration (#1423).

Development improvements

  • A new automated PEP-257 test has been introduced to enforce docblocks across the codebase.
    Converting the code will take some time, but the code will be expanded to fully support PEP-257
    eventually. A few modules have now been documented.
  • Test coverage is now 84%.
  • The Vagrant environment now has vim with a simple vim config to make sure spaces are used instead
    of tabs (#1372).
  • The Package database model has been converted into a single-table inheritance model, which will
    aid in adding multi-type support to Bodhi. A new RpmPackage model has been added (#1392).
  • The database initialization code is unified (e9a2604).
  • The base model class now has a helpful query property (8167f26).
  • .pyc files are now removed when running the tests in the dev environment (9e9adb6).
  • An unused inherited column has been dropped from the builds table (e8a95b1).

Release contributors

The following contributors submitted patches for Bodhi 2.6.0:

  • Jeremy Cline
  • Ryan Lerch
  • Clement Verna
  • Caleigh Runge-Hottman
  • Bianca Nenciu
  • Adam Williamson
  • Ankit Raj Ojha
  • Jason Taylor
  • Randy Barlow

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