Eike Rathke: LibreOffice in The Matrix [m]

If you use the Riot App (or any other) to connect to the Matrix and communicate, there’s now a LibreOffice room that is bridged with the #libreoffice IRC channel on freenode.net. IRC channels are bridged to the matrix already for some time, but so far you had to type
/join #freenode_#libreoffice:matrix.org
in your matrix mobile app, or in the browser app know the bridge exists and select from the list, now you can just search in the available matrix rooms for LibreOffice and join. This should be a convenient method to join a chat with other LibreOffice users for people who otherwise don’t use IRC or don’t want to install an IRC app just for this on their mobile, smartphone, tablet..

The #libreoffice IRC channel and thus the LibreOffice matrix room is dedicated to user questions around all LibreOffice applications. Join and enjoy, get help and help others.

Source From: fedoraplanet.org.
Original article title: Eike Rathke: LibreOffice in The Matrix [m].
This full article can be read at: Eike Rathke: LibreOffice in The Matrix [m].


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