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As you may know, I do import feed from some other websites that I find to have great quality in technology news. Articles that are not written by me can only be found under the “News From External Sources” category of this website. The purpose of the importation is to be able to make aware of updated information surrounding programming and technology news to mine readers. I do carefully choose the websites which I imported from so I do not violate the term of copyright or violating the intellectual copyright of others. In the last couple days, I re-check to see whether any websites I imported from changed in their terms. I checked‘s term. In the beginning, when I imported from, they did not have any copyright term and as of now they still not had written a term to their copyright policy. Nevertheless, I decided to contact to check whether if it is ok to import content on their website or not since they do not have a term associated with their article. did mention that they do no like it when their content is republished in full even with source citation.

I do like articles from and find that they are good articles. I would always love to have‘s articles on this site whether if they are in full or not. Nevertheless, when I imported articles into my website, it was through automation feed reading and does not use feed excerpt and left their content in full. Currently, I do not have time to modified the old posts that coming from due to too many tasks on hand at this moment. Just like everyone else, I do really respect the intellectual copyright of other, therefore, the old‘s articles will be made unavailable at the current moment until I can edit them. does have quality articles in regard to windows and technology news, I would recommend going to them to read on some of the latest news. Currently, I do not import articles from until I can ask on how many words in an article that they would allow for post republishing.

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