Kushal Das: Conference travel for speakers

In Free and Open Source Software culture, conferences became an important part
of the community. Most of the projects or communities do the work over this
beautiful thing known as the Internet, people are taking part from the warmth
of their home. Conferences are the only time when we all get a chance to meet,
discuss new ideas, share the knowledge among ourselves. Conference speakers are
generally the volunteers who agree to spend a lot of time to prepare and then
give the talk, do the QA session. This also involves a lot of travel, for any
mid-sized to a big conference, you will always find at least couple of speakers
traveling half of the world to give those talks.

We, the organizers of many of these conferences can do a few things which helps
the speakers to have a trouble free mind.

Inform the talk selection result as soon as possible(aka. visa takes time)

We should inform the speakers about the talk selection result as soon as
possible. International traveling still requires visa for many countries, and
generally, they are difficult to obtain in less time. For example, I am an
Indian, and for getting a visa for most countries, I will have to submit my
last three years income tax documents, last 6 months bank statements, office
leave letters, and many other documents. Obtaining the documents take time, and
we should make sure that the speakers have plenty of time to get this done.

Help with the travel timings

The organizers are local to the conference host city, it is better you provide
some insight about travel timings to your conference speakers. They may not
want to take a redeye flight, or maybe taking that early morning will provide a
much better experience by skipping all the city traffic.

Be in touch during local travel

For all the conferences we organized in Pune (FUDCon 2011, 2015, PyCon Pune
2017), many of the international speakers landed in Mumbai, and then we
organized cabs to pick them up, mostly all of these are between 12-4AM. They
had to travel next 4 hours in the cab, we made sure to club at least 2 of the
speakers in each cab, and also making sure that the drivers can speak English.
Remember the language problem, as not every country speaks English fluently,
and that goes same to all speakers too. If the speakers are coming on their own
from the airport, make sure that they have all the details, and please try to
have someone waiting for them at the airport. It is better that you introduce
your volunteer to the speakers before the conference. That way when the
speakers come out of the airport, they will see a familiar face waiting for

One of our tactics was to operate the whole speakers travel from the same hotel
speakers were staying. I was awake for the 2 nights and started talking to the
speakers as soon as they entered their cabs. We also talked to them during
their trip to make sure that everything is okay, and they don’t uncomfortable.
Only sad part was that due to lack of light many missed the beautiful view of
Mumbai-Pune expressway.

During the conference days, before or after, we make sure that we have enough
local volunteers to provide any help as required to the speakers. Many times it
happens that the speakers prefer to visit some of the tourist locations before
or after the conferences. As hosts, it goes also to our list of
responsibilities, helping with the cab booking or providing suggestions for the

I remember the long list of speakers, and the checkbox(s) beside their names to
mark that the speaker has boarded safely in the flight for their return
journey. Our job is not done till the time they reach back to their home, and
we make sure to keep an eye for any emergency. Many of the ideas also go to the
speakers who are coming for the first time to the city from other parts of the
country. In a country like India, where we have 24 official languages, it is
difficult for most of Indians to understand or speak the local language in any
state other than their own.

Previously, we had experiences where someone felt sick during the conference,
and we have to take them to visit doctors, and making sure to check that they
are okay. Telling that we have a large conference, and we can not take care of
all of the people is easy, but remember the amount of effort these speakers are
putting to make your conference as their own, and providing a great experience
to the conference attendees.

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Original article title: Kushal Das: Conference travel for speakers.
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