Julita Inca Chiroque: GIMP rocks!

One problem that I used to have is to hide two main windows such as toolbox and tool-options that make my GIMP seems with nothing on it.

Go to Windows -> Dockable Dialogs to have them back:

After cutting the edges of the original picture using sicssors select tools:

I added another layer with a full black rectangle Edit – Fill FGBlack Color

As well as another horizontal rectangle and I used Text tool to add words:

To set in black and white, Colors – Components – Channel Mixer

Check the Monochrome option. To color, I selected Color – Colorize

Blur the edge of my hair gave a nice look at the end.

Last and not least, I added another layer to the GNOME logo to put it inside my eye 😉

* Zoom out was done with SHIFT + and ESC in case CTRL Z is not working.

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