My First Git Project

On the last couple of days, I built an advertisement serving platform and a traffic counter that can count traffics for multiple websites from a centralized location. Although I can’t release the source code for the ad serving software and the traffic counter software at this moment because I am planning to build a WordPress plugin bases on my ad serving platform source code, I did release the GeoIP query API that I used in the source code on GitHub. This is my first ever git project.

The source code is very basic currently, but if you like to use it in your project feel free to. Any bug can be reported directly here. I do not mind contribution to the source code either. The link to the project is here, I might occasionally update the source code in the futures.

I will come back to continually release the infinity subject. It just currently I have to finish up with the traffic counter platform. To see my traffic counter in action, you can visit or, they are all operated from one centralized location. The ad server that I am building and debugging also serving ads from one centralized location.

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