Bodhi: 2.7.0


  • The bodhi CLI now supports editing an override (#1049).
  • The Update model is now capable of being associated with different Build types (#1394).
  • The bodhi CLI now supports editing an update using the update alias (#1409).
  • The web UI now uses Fedora 26 in its example text instead of Fedora 20 (ec0c619a).
  • The Build model is now polymorphic to support non-RPM content (#1393).


  • Correctly calculate days to stable for critical path updates (#1386).
  • Bodhi now logs some messages at info instead of error (#1412).
  • Only show openQA results since last update modification (#1435).

Development improvements

  • SQL queries are no longer logged by default.
  • fedmsgs are now viewable in the development environment.
  • There is a new test to ensure there is only one Alembic head.
  • There is a new bash alias, bteststyle, that runs the code style tests.
  • The BuildrootOverride model is now documented.

Release contributors

The following contributors submitted patches for Bodhi 2.7.0:

  • Clement Verna
  • Jeremy Cline
  • Bianca Nenciu
  • Caleigh Runge-Hottman
  • Adam Williamson
  • Robert Scheck
  • Ryan Lerch
  • Randy Barlow

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