Giannis Konstantinidis: Fedora Albania Localization Sprint #10 – Event Report

Wherever I go, I am used to wearing multiple hats simultaneously – I am currently part of the Fedora Project and Mozilla, as far as free and open-source software communities are concerned.

Some weeks ago, I traveled once more to Tirana, Albania in order to co-organize a WebVR Camp at Open Labs. Since I was very keen on checking with the local Fedora community as well, I certainly couldn’t miss the opportunity to extend my stay for an additional day. I made an appearance during their Fedora Localization Sprint #10.

With Fellow Community Members
With Fellow Community Members (photo by Anxhelo Lushka, CC BY-SA)

I started with my usual ice-breaking session, giving everyone the opportunity to introduce themselves. I continued with providing brief FAmSCo status updates regarding latest initiatives. Then, together with fellow community members, we conducted a SWOT analysis. It was helpful in identifying what is working and what can be improved. Following tables provide a quick summary.

Continuous local eventsLack of technical knowledge
Experienced community membersCentralized responsibilities
Gender diversityHigh focus on upstream contributions
Increase activity in l10nLack of funding
University outreach 

Fedora Albania has been doing exceptionally well the last few years. They are very active not only at a local level, but also in terms of upstream contributions – we realized it is quite important to further emphasize local activities. There are nice opportunities, such as increasing efforts in l10n and reaching out to educational institutions. On the other hand, sometimes it is difficult to secure funding for their activities.

Following the SWOT analysis, their localization sprint resumed.

Big shout-out to these Fedora community members for their splendid work. Can’t wait to see the progress after the next few months.

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