Julita Inca Chiroque: Teaching Linux more than 1K students in 2017

Thanks to the Fedora and GNOME project, I was able to learn what Linux means, both, technically and philosophically. I was prepared for system administration by the Linux Foundation and throughout the years I got Linux experiences and dirty hands in companies such as GMD and IBM to finally get my Red Hat Certificate. Nowadays, thanks to BacktracAcademy I teach online for free, more than 841 students around the world!

I invited also my students of USIL and UNI to take the challenge and get a certification after accomplishing six basic topics: installation, file administration, users, Vim commands, processes, and services configuration. My first group at USIL as follow:
My student at UNI who took the challenge and was the first one to pass with a gold medal:

I dear to say that I have teach Linux more than 1K students since I had these groups 2017


Group 2017 – 0

Group 2017 – 1


Operating System 2017 -I

Computer Science 2017 -1

Some events:

SETEIS 2017 

Linux at PUCP 

Linux at USIL

GDG Cusco 2017Install Fest 2017 at UNI, thanks to the support of Toto, Solanch, Lizbeth, and Alex.FLISOL 2017 at UPN, organized by Leyla with the support of Toto, Solanch, Sheyla & Alex.Our local volunteer group on Sundays:I want to thanks the support I received from people, the experiences are unvaluable!

Thanks to my local community (Martin, Toto, Leyla, Sheyla, Solanch, Lizbeth, Mario, Alex, Geny, Sergio & Felipe), USIL, UNI, PUCP, UPN, UTP, UNTELS, GDG Cusco, BacktrackAcademy, GNOME and Fedora. ❤

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Original article title: Julita Inca Chiroque: Teaching Linux more than 1K students in 2017.
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