Kushal Das: dgplug summer training 2017 is on

Yesterday evening we started the 10th edition of dgplug summer training
program. We around 70 active participants in the
session, there
were a few people who informed us beforehand that they will not be available
during the first session. We also knew that at the same time we had
India-vs-Pakistan cricket match, that means many Indian participants will be
missing the day one (though it seems the Indian cricket team tried their level
best to make sure that participants stop watching the match 😀 ).

We started with the usual process, Sayan and /me explained the different rules
related to the sessions, and also about IRC. The IRC channel #dgplug is not
only a place to discuss technical things, but also to discuss about everyday
things between many of the dgplug members. We ask the participants to stay
online as long as possible in the initial days and ask as many questions as
they want. Asking questions is a very important part of these sessions, as many
are scared to do so in public.

We also had our regular members in the channel during the session, and after
the session ended, we got into other discussions as usual.

One thing I noticed was the high number of students participating from the
Zakir Hussain College Of Engineering, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh,
India. When I asked how come so many of you are here, they said the credit goes
to cran-cg (Chiranjeev Gupta) who motivated the first year students to take
part in the session. Thank you cran-cg for not only taking part but also
building a local group of Free Software users/developers. We also have Nisha,
who is a fresh economics graduate, taking part in this year’s program.

As usual the day one was on Sunday, but from now on all the sessions will be on
weekdays only unless it is a special guest session where a weekend is a better
for our guest. Our next session is at 13:30PM UTC today, at the #dgplug channel
on Freenode server. If you want to help, just be there 🙂

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