Bodhi: 2.8.0

Special instructions

  • There is a new setting, ci.required that defaults to False. If you wish to use CI, you must
    add a cron task to call the new bodhi-babysit-ci CLI periodically.


The /search/packages API call has been deprecated.

New Dependencies

  • Bodhi now uses Bleach to sanitize markdown input from the user.
    python-bleach 1.x is a new dependency in this release of Bodhi.


  • The API, fedmsg messages, bindings, and CLI now support non-RPM content (#1325, #1326, #1327, #1328). Bodhi now knows about Fedora’s new module format, and is able to handle everything they need except publishing (which will appear in a later release). This release is also the first Bodhi release that is able to handle multiple content types.
  • Improved OpenQA support in the web UI (#1471).
  • The type icons are now aligned in the web UI (4b6b759 and d094032).
  • There is now a man page for bodhi-approve-testing (cf8d897).
  • Bodhi can now automatically detect whether to use DDL table locks if BDR is present during migrations (059b5ab).
  • Locked updates now grey out the edit buttons with a tooltip to make the lock more obvious to the user (#1492).
  • Users can now do multi-line literal code blocks in comments (#1509).
  • The web UI now has more descriptive placeholder text (1a7122c).
  • All icons now have consistent width in the web UI (6dfe6ff).
  • The front page has a new layout (6afb6b0).
  • Bodhi is now able to use Pagure and PDC as sources for ACL and package information (5955186).
  • Bodhi’s configuration loader now validates all values and centralizes defaults. Thus, it is now possible to comment most of Bodhi’s settings file and achieve sane defaults. Some settings are still required, see the default production.ini file for documentation of all settings and their defaults. A few unused settings were removed (#1488, #1489, and 263b7b7).
  • The web UI now displays the content type of the update (#1329).
  • Bodhi now has a new ci.required setting that defaults to False. If enabled. updates will gate based on Continuous Integration test results and will not proceed to updates-testing unless the tests pass (0fcb73f).
  • Update builds are now sorted by NVR (#1441).
  • The backend code is reworked to allow gating on resultsdb data and requirement validation performance is improved (#1550).
  • Bodhi is now able to map distgit commits to Builds, which helps map CI results to Builds. There is
    a new bodhi-babysit-ci CLI that must be run periodically in cron if ci.required is
    True (ae01e5d).


  • A half-hidden button is now fully visible on mobile devices (#1467).
  • The signing status is again visible on the update page (#1469).
  • The edit update form will not be presented to users who are not auth’d (#1521).
  • The CLI --autokarma flag now works correctly (#1378).
  • E-mail subjects are now shortened like the web UI titles (#882).
  • The override editing form is no longer displayed unless the user is logged in (#1541).

Development improvements

  • Several more modules now pass pydocstyle PEP-257 tests.
  • The development environment has a new bshell alias that sets up a usable Python shell, initialized for Bodhi.
  • Lots of warnings from the unit tests have been fixed.
  • The dev environment cds to the source folder upon vagrant ssh.
  • There is now a bfedmsg development alias to see fedmsgs.
  • A new bresetdb development alias will reset the database to the same state as when vagrant up completed.
  • Some unused code was removed (afe5bd8).
  • Test coverage was raised significantly, from 85% to 88%.
  • The development environment now has httpie by default.
  • The default Vagrant memory was raised (#1588).
  • Bodhi now has a Jenkins Job Builder template for use with CentOS CI.
  • A new bdiff-cover development alias helps compare test coverage in current branch to the develop branch, and will alert the developer if there are any lines missing coverage.

Release contributors

The following developers contributed to Bodhi 2.8.0:

  • Ryan Lerch
  • Ralph Bean
  • Pierre-Yves Chibon
  • Matt Prahl
  • Martin Curlej
  • Adam Williamson
  • Kamil Páral
  • Clement Verna
  • Jeremy Cline
  • Matthew Miller
  • Randy Barlow

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