Julita Inca Chiroque: First Public Presentation of the Fedora + GNOME group

A group of students from different universities have gathered together to learn Linux in deeply. We have started with the GNOME Peru Challenge on Fedora 25, that basically consists in fixing a bug. To achieve that, we have follow an empiric schedule that includes, installation of Fedora 25, use GNOME apps such as Pomodoro, Clock, Maps, and others such as GIMP, building some modules, working with Python to finally see GTK+.

The effort of  more than five weeks is going to be presented for the very fist time as a group at UPN. The conference is called “I Forum of Entrepreneurship and Technologies“, the ad:A special thanks to Fabio Duran from GNOME Chile, who is constantly helping kindly this Peruvian group anytime. Usually documentation online is in English or out-dating and Fabio is able to get us a solid grasp of the GNOME tech. Thanks GNOME!We also thanks Fedora because they have supported two major events in Lima that contribute this group get stronger, Linux Playa and Install Fest. Thanks Fedora!* So far, we have scheduled the lighting talks in this order:

Julita Inca to present the projects and the labor to spread the word trough 7 years
Solanch Ccasas experiences in install Fedora 25 and communication channels
Leyla Marcelo with user experience Fedora + GNOME, GIMP, Libre office, gedit, nautilus
Alex and Toto Linux basic commands, install packages and network configuration, Wifi
Felipe Moreno will explain what GTK is and his work with Python
Mario Antizana with Mechatronics Engineering projects on Fedora

Can’t wait for our first presentation as a local group! 🙂

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Original article title: Julita Inca Chiroque: First Public Presentation of the Fedora + GNOME group.
This full article can be read at: Julita Inca Chiroque: First Public Presentation of the Fedora + GNOME group.


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