Julita Inca Chiroque: Closing the GNOME Peru Challenge 2017

It’s been three months since a group of students from different universities decided to learn more about GNU/Linux in a local community. This idea started while LinuXatUNI had been organized and powered by Fedora and the GNOME project.

Thanks to the financial support of GNOME, we were able to celebrated a Breakfast and a little Parade.  We had newbies and people who were interested in become part of Fedora and the GNOME a year ago.  Here you can see our initial students:After this experience, we set a plan registered in the wiki. We officially started on May, 7th.

Today July 16th, as the wiki pointed out, it was our last meeting as a group to fix a bug.Voluntarialy, during this period, all our Sundays  were reserved to accomplish that goal. Throughout this challenge, minitasks were set to be also done, as well presentations in events to promote the use of GNU/Linux with Fedora and the GNOME, such as FLISOL, talk at UPN tech conference, presentation to the CFD OpenSource community and training in Linux to the Marine of Peru.

At the end, this was the chart of activities versus persons:Toto and Solanch were the winners of this first GNOME Peru Challenge 2017 😀 

Thanks to BacktrackAcademy to prize them with a Membership for a year! 

Besides their effort, they are great people with good willing, and I hope they continue learning GNU/Linux from their own!

I think we need to be improved in many things. One of them is related to a place, we did not have a specific place, we did the workshops on Sundays because we work and study besides this challenge and unfortunately, universities are not open on Sundays usually and we had our meetings sometimes at Toto’s house, Randy or Mario’ house rather to have a lab every Sunday.  Another one, could be related a syllabus, as I presented, we did not have more chance to learn in deep Java Script, Vala, GTK, glib and more GNOME technologies. Special thanks also to Carlos Soriano who helped us once in this labor.

Anyway, this training was a great opportunity to build and get a stronger GNU/Linux community in Lima, Peru. Thanks so much to each participant of this challenge! 🙂

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 1.17.17 AM.png

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