Julita Inca Chiroque: Fedora and GNOME at the Marine

Our local Linux community “LinuXatUNI = Fedora + GNOME”  have received an invitation to do a talk regarding Linux security at the “THE MARINA OF WAR OF PERU”.
I have started by doing some review of Linux History and check some basic commands on terminal to finally explain ACLs.People in the audience that respond satisfactory questions received some merchadising of Fedora and GNOME! Then, Randy Real showed how to explore ports and explaining the importance of the history of commands, useful to audit tools and applications. Felipe Moreno explained SQL injection, configuring it both, manually and automatically. Solanch Ccasa was in charge of SQUID, basic configuration and features.Ronaldo Cabezas (Toto) did also some material for iptables; but incredibly, time was gone since it was three hours in a raw. We appreciate the invitation we have that exert our community in training people into the Linux world beyond universities. We are now in organizations sharing knowledge voluntarily to do a better society that use Linux!… Some pictures that shows our exceptional experience! Thanks so much again Peruvian Navy 🙂

Thanks so much again Peruvian Navy 🙂

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Original article title: Julita Inca Chiroque: Fedora and GNOME at the Marine.
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