Lukas "lzap" Zapletal: Git auto fetch script I run every day

Git auto fetch script I run every day

I am “shutdowner”, meaning I always shutdown my laptop (now workstation) at
the end of the day. I have a script to do that which sleeps 5 seconds (so I
can change my mind – e.g. when I dig shell history incorrectly and quickly hit
enter – it really happened yeah) and it is simple:

  • puts my monitors into standby mode
  • applies all OS updates
  • runs duplicity backup on my home folder
  • fetches git repos
  • filesystem sync call
  • fstrim root volume
  • poweroff

I learned a trick I want to write about today from colleague of mine Mirek
Suchý, but I think he runs it from cron (not a “shutdowner” guy). The idea is

  • find all directories containing .git/ and run on all of them:
  • git fetch –all
  • git gc

So every time I do git pull on a repo that I don’t use much (e.g. ruby
language), I don’t need to wait seconds in order to pull all commits. Clever,
now I’ve improved it a bit.

With my Ryzen 1700 8 core 16 threads CPU, I am able to leverage GNU parallel
to do this in parallel. That will be faster. But how much? Let’s test against
git repo I use the most:

# git -c pack.threads=1 gc --aggressive

# git -c pack.threads=16 gc --aggressive

Initially I thought that running 16 GNU parallel worker processes of parallel
will be fine, but git gc is really slow on one core (see above), so I usually
end up with several very slow garbage tasks while all the others finished
downloading. The sweet spot for git is around 4 threads where it always gives
reasonable times even for bigger repos.

But I think little bit of CPU overcommit won’t kill, therefore I’ve decided to
go with 8×4 which might sound crazy (32 threads in theory), but in practice
garbage collect is executed only on few repositories I work regularly on.

Lot of words, I know. Here is the snippet:

find ~/work -name '.git' -type d | 
    parallel -j 6 'pushd "{}"; git fetch --all; git -c pack.threads=4 gc --aggressive --no-prune --auto; popd'

I think I could go further but this already gives me good experience and when
my PC is doing this, I am already heading away from it. No biggie. Final notes
for git flags I use:

  • aggressive – much slower collect giving better results
  • no-prune – I don’t want to loose any commits at any point in time
  • auto – git will decide when to actually run gc

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