Tonet Jallo: What is happening in Fedora?

The last week we had a Fedora Activity Day for LATAM Ambassadors, it was in Cusco – Perú, so, why was celebrated this event?

I can tell you why in some words, new Fedora people (people, not don’t know  how to do things inside the community, how to collaborate, how to request sponsorship, how to be aware when spending Fedora resources… etc, and… the old people are busy now and can’t spend much time in Fedora.

It was an Alex Oviedo’s (alexove) initiative and we had six representatives for LATAM countries x3mboy from Chile, asoliard from Argentina, josereyesjdi from Panama, itamarjp from Brazil, searchsam from Nicaragua, me (tonet666p) from Perú and bexelbie from Czech Republic (yes, is not LATAM but he was helping us).

Under three days we were analyzing what we were doing wrong, so, in summary, we made a FODA matrix about the community (Fortalezas, Oportunidades, Debilidades, Amenazas in spanish) it means Strenghts, Opportunities, Weakneses and Threats. Following is the matrix.

  • Diversity (about people skills)
  • Strong community
  • Initiative
  • Tools availability
  • We don’t offer right solutions to users
  • Language barrier
  • Cultural differences
  • Ignorance about rules
  • Lack of presence in the universities
  • Bad budget use
  • Lack of communication
  • Promote collaboration between the others teams who have communication with the ambassadors team
  • Canalize the fedora users suggestions and needs to the right community teams
  • Propose improvements to the community infrastructure to improve the work of the ambassadors team
  • Promote Fedora and the community in the university and basic education areas focusing on the increase of users and then collaborators
  • Promote spaces for strengthening communication to improve cultural and language relations.
  • Strengthen the presence of the Fedora community in the Latin American universities and schools.
  • Improve the process of managing community events and disseminate them.
  • Red Hat support
  • Presence in other upstream projects
  • Generated impact of Fedora
  • Universities support
  • Possibility for show Fedora to students from different specialities.
  •  Promote and participate in spanish support channels and other languages (Ask, IRC, Telegram, etc)
  • Design talks/workshops aimed to capture new users for Fedora (from other distros or Windows)
  • Establish corrective measures directed to collaborators who do not comply with the rules and/or inappropriate behaviors
  • Motivate active collaborators
  • Facilitate the means for inactive collaborators to rejoin the community
  • Make an collaboration and continuity environment of work when some collaborators have to stop
  • Collaborator’s economic activities
  • Microsoft communities and the use of Open Source term
  • Greater presence of Ubuntu in universities (users and laboratories)

So, to improve our deficiencies, we agree to do the middle painted cells.

Also, in the second day we made a better process for request sponsorship from Fedora, is the following:

Pre Event TasksPost Events Tasks
  1. Create a wiki event page
  2. Create a Pagure ticket (at least 3 days before)
  3. Create the event in the Fedora Calendar
  4. Post it in the Magazine
  1. Make reports
    1. Community Blog (Event Owner)
    2. Report on Fedora Planet (Event Owner/attendees)
    3. Put a report link in the Event Wiki Page (Event Owner/attendees)
  2. Request reimbursement

If you will request a sponsoring, you need to follow this rules, every time. It will improve the visibility of ambassadors work, also make better events organized with time, also it will improve the visibility of Fedora over the internet.

In summary, this is all we work these days, we hope this serves the community.

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