Alex Irmel Oviedo Solis: FAD Latam – Final Report

The FADs (Fedora Activity Day) were technical in many cases, but this time
We can to realize an organizational FAD that allowed the ambassadors to achieve
objectives and to contribute to the community in a better way.
Foto de grupo

First day

On our first day, we were warmly welcomed by the authorities of the
Universidad Global del Cusco with a small but very cordial
ceremony, where the rector gave us the courage to work and contribute to community
and society.

The next in the agenda was to perform a small diagnosis which we performed through questions that helped us a lot.

Pizarra del primer dia

The following was a titanic task, to make a SWOT matrix that was full of debates, much controversy but with many good ideas.

Pizarra del primer dia

Second day

During the second day we think about the strategies to achieve our goals and how we can grow the community.

A brief summary of a part of our work is the Matrix:

Matriz FODA

Third day

The last day dealt with very interesting issues regarding the logistical and budgetary framework.

After so much work we took a walk around the city, using the famous combi (peruvian public transport)
that I guess a new experience for some
En la combi


The results of this activity can be seen shortly on the Wiki page from the community together with the reports of the other participants in the following Address:

Amistad y más amistad

In spite of the controversies and all the hard work were fulfilled all the objectives. I want to thank Lincoln Delgado in a very special way, a great friend who made it possible for us to provide his environments.

I also want to thank the ambassadors who attended this activity:

I would like to thank in a very special way the members of the UAC-CIRCLE
The Andean University of Cusco ( who supported us with
Translations and many ideas.

To close this report I want to share with you some photos of the event and I hope
That we can continue to meet fedora’s collaborators 🙂

Complete gallery here









Complete gallery here

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