Julita Inca Chiroque: My talk at GUADEC 2017

Thanks so much to the GNOME Foundation for its support to the events I do to spread the GNOME word in my local community in Peru. I have had the opportunity to share my work done in 2016 and 2017 at GUADEC 2017.

This time I had 25 minutes to talk (including questions) and I presented the conferences and events we did in universities and institutions in Lima, as well as in other parts of Peru such as Pucallpa, Puno and Cusco during that period.

First of all, I started by defining what a newcomer is and the two I found to reach communication with potential new contributors to the GNOME project.

I have also presented the different programs I came up to make a better job by outreaching newcomers and I presented the last program called “GNOME Peru Challenge 2017-1” as well as the winners of the challenge: Toto and Solanch.

It was also part of my talk to give gifts to the audience who answered questions during the talk. Thanks to BackTrackAcademy for their support with the t-shirts of our local group in Peru. I am very glad the winner was a GNOME newcomer! 😀You can see the video of my participation at GUADEC 2017 here.

Special thanks to Bastian, Roxana, David King, Nuritzi, Andre Klapper, and people who attended and support my job. I appreciate their supporter for long years in GNOME.

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Original article title: Julita Inca Chiroque: My talk at GUADEC 2017.
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