Alberto Rodriguez (A.K.A bt0): techtalk-pse in Fedora

Recently looking fedora-tagger. I found techtalk-pse.

Tech Talk PSE is a Linuxpresentation software written by Richard Jones intended mostly for technical software demonstrations. It is designed to be simple to use (for Linux users) and it allows users to create technically accurate and interesting talks and demonstrations.

The man page (full of useful references and tips) has a little tutorial with a very simple example , maybe we appreciate this presentation software with a most complete example can show us the use of this poweruser tool:

First Choose a topic: This is the most important part of this little example, for this purpose and because this is a tech talk presentation software I will choose test boltron (this is only an example and i don’t any justice to the amazing work of the fedora modularity team). for a better explanation about what boltron is look:

Announcing Boltron: The Modular Server Preview

<iframe class=”wp-embedded-content” data-secret=”fNeXENnifw” frameborder=”0″ height=”338″ marginheight=”0″ marginwidth=”0″ sandbox=”allow-scripts” scrolling=”no” security=”restricted” src=”” title=”“Announcing Boltron: The Modular Server Preview” — Fedora Magazine” width=”600″></iframe>


For installing techtalk-pse in fedora just:

$ sudo dnf install techtalk-pse

Download the example from here and uncompress:

$ tar -xJf TestExample.tar.xz


$ techtalk-pse

You should see something like this:


simple text


Show some code

Running Shell

embedded page

for one better guide read the fine manual:

$ man techtalk-pse

Enjoy 🙂

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