DNF: The first DNF update for Fedora 26

The release of Fedora 26 provides the new DNF-2.x to wide pool of users. The first DNF update reflect the first user’s feed backs and additionally it solves 23 bugs. The latest release has provided the following highlights:


  • New option –forcearch=<arch> that force to use given architecture. However, use of an architecture not supported natively by your CPU will require emulation of some kind. This is usually through QEMU
  • New option –groupmember for repoquery command
  • New option –downloaddir <path> that can be combine with –downloadonly option
  • Inform about skipped packages during installation of groups
  • New conf options (basearch, arch, ignorearch)
  • Detailed information about DNF releases



  • Changed priorities in NEVRA parsing. This change should provide user preferred results especially in cases where multiple valid solution available.

Source From: fedoraplanet.org.
Original article title: DNF: The first DNF update for Fedora 26.
This full article can be read at: DNF: The first DNF update for Fedora 26.


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