nonamedotc: COPR for Xfce – 4.13 (update)

I had written about my COPR earlier [0]. For sometime, I had not been updating it. Now, the COPR is up-to-date again.

The COPR xfce-414 can be enabled on Fedora 25+ using the command below –

dnf copr enable nonamedotc/xfce-414

Please test and open any issues using the pagure repo –

  • I am aware of some GTK-2 packages (e.g. claws-mail) under Applications menu show up out of place.
  • The best theme to use with Xfce 4.13 is greybird. I recently pushed an updates to the testing repositories of Fedora 26 [1] and 27 [2] that addresses issues with Xfce 4.13.

[0] COPR for Xfce-4.13 packages
[1] Greybird update for Fedora 26
[2] Greybird update for Fedora 27

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