Alex Eng: Flock 2017@Cape Cod

It was another exciting year for me and another exciting conference to attend to give my talk about Zanata – Flock @ Cape Cod from 29-August to 1-Sept.

This time I am more focusing on Globalisation as a whole in Fedora and how Zanata platform can fit into the picture. Our talk between Globalisation (Pravins) + Localisation (Jibecfed) + Zanata (myself: aeng) was scheduled on the second last day of the event. Globalisation@Flock 2017

There was a lot of discussions around to challenges, improvements and solutions. Thanks to facilitation from Bex, and participation from community members, we managed to come out with few options to solve challenges in the group. For most of our discussion, it is all listed out as issues in thanks to Jibecfed.

The vibe in this Flock was somewhat different from what I experienced in the previous event, in a better way. I enjoyed on how the event was scheduled and planned to allow us to have more time to mingle around, talking to people, social activities and more discussion around problems and working together. I think this is one of the improvements in this year’s event because after all, most of the community members that spread all around the world can only meet with each other during this kind of event, and for me, it’s nothing better than being able to meet with them the in person and having face to face conversation. 

There are social activities planned out as well during the week after full on morning talks and workshop. We got Game night + candy exchange, Arcade night, and team dinner which I think a good way to bring everyone together to celebrate the effort and contribution towards Fedora project. 

For me, even though it was tiring from the long haul flight, lots of hard work, time and effort towards the project, at the end of the day, the recognition, making new friends, meeting new people, and knowing you’re part of a community that appreciates you and your work, it is worth it 🙂  

Sight seeing in Cape Cod


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