How to Enable Type to Siri in iOS 11

One of the common complaints about Siri is the vocal component — speaking to Siri must be done verbally, which can be embarrassing and inconvenient in social situations. Apple hasn’t provided a clear cut solution like an integrated Siri and Spotlight search feature, but iOS 11 does bring a Type to Siri feature.

Type to Siri is a function designed for those who are unable to speak, but it can be enabled by anyone who would like to try typing to Siri instead of speaking to Siri.

Enabling Type to Siri

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Choose “General.”
  3. Select the “Accessibility” section.
  4. Scroll down to “Siri.”
  5. Toggle on “Type to Siri.”

With Type to Siri enabled, when the Home button is pressed to activate Siri, it brings up the keyboard and an option to type a command to Siri. Typed Siri commands work just like spoken Siri commands – Siri will respond to questions like “What’s the weather?” or “What movies are playing nearby?”

When you have Type to Siri turned on, it’s an all or nothing setting. All commands must be typed if you access Siri through the Home button. If you say “Hey Siri,” though, Siri will respond to spoken questions as normal, so you can use spoken commands alongside typed commands in this way. Siri will also respond to voice commands when the AirPods are connected and the personal assistant is activated via a tap on the AirPods.

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