Giannis Konstantinidis: Flock 2017 – Event Report

Flock to Fedora comprises the premier Fedora event, held annually in either EMEA or NA. A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to travel to Cape Cod, USA and participate at the latest edition of the conference.

I hold multiple roles within the Fedora Project: FAmSCo Vice-Chairman, FAmA Member, Ambassador Mentor and Ambassador. In addition, I am involved with Mozilla as a ReMo and Tech Speaker and therefore sometimes I feel I act as a bridge between the Fedora Project and Mozilla.

During the Ambassadors Workshop
During the Ambassadors Workshop (photo by Mariana Balla, CC BY-SA)

I attended the “Diversity Team Hackfest” whose goals included planning diversity-specific events and defining the interactions between the Diversity Team and other Fedora Sub-Projects and SIGs. I was delighted to see the Mozilla Community Participation Guidelines and the Mozilla Diversity & Inclusion Strategy not only being referenced, but also highlighted as best practices.

I suggested the Diversity Team should focus on helping people -regardless of their background- on-board Fedora Sub-Projects and SIGs and encourage existing contributors to join the Diversity Team so that the activities of the latter may be gradually expanded.

With Open Labs Members
With Open Labs Members (photo by Mariana Balla, CC BY-SA)

I simply could not miss “Fedora Ambassadors: The Future”, either. Ambassadors from various countries sat down to share concerns, exchange ideas and best practices. Plenty food for thought, I must say.

I referenced the EMEA Event Plan and proposed that APAC, NA and LATAM may adopt the same model. I also pointed out that contributors need not to be ambassadors to submit regional funding requests, although it is recommended. An important problem we are facing is that there is no way of collecting event metrics, which prevents the Fedora Leadership from having a clear overview – Mozilla’s ReMo, for example, had solved this a long time ago.

To conclude, Flock brought me together with hundreds of Fedora contributors from across the globe. We collaborated extensively, brainstormed, tackled issues down and certainly enjoyed every moment. When it comes to free and open-source software, their communities are their biggest strength. We have proven that ourselves.

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