Julita Inca Chiroque: Switching from Ubuntu to Fedora

Any time I have to install Fedora in a machine is a new adventure because all the hardware nor software is the same. In this opportunity I will configure a machine which has Ubuntu on it and change it to Fedora 26.

Inserting the Fedora ISO

I used a bootable USB that my friend Solanch have prepared before and immediately the option to install Fedora was shown in the first place:

Fedora can be tested before installing and you can try GNOME that has as a default Linux Dektop:

General configuration

In my case I will set up the language in English to improve my English skills, you can select Spanish, French or the language you prefer:The four basic options to configure are displayed as follow:In my case I will choose Spanish and English keyboard configuration, since I am working on hardware with a Spanish presentation.I’m now in Lima, Peru; Time and Date are going to be defined by this locationThe network and hostname can be set in this moment or edited later:Configuring Partitions

According to the Red Hat recommendation, we are going to set four partitions.This is what we had with Ubuntu, swap of 7.45GiB and more of 200GiB of ext4Free those partitions in order to set up the new ones:Now delete the Ubuntu scheme partitioning, including the swap and bootThen, this is the new Fedora scheme we are going to apply to use the diskNow, apply the changes to save the new schemeFinally the disk is able and configure to install Fedora 🙂Waiting until the installation finished

The password of a user and password can be set while we are waiting for the installation of Fedora 26first for the rootNow for an administratorWait until a messge of Finish is shown:The Quit button turns in blue and then take out the USB to enjoy Fedora 😉

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