Julita Inca Chiroque: Fedora Women Day in Lima, Peru

On Saturday 30th  we have celebrated the Fedora Women Day in Lima, Peru at LabV207 – PUCP since 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Acknowledged with Thanks

I’ve just wrapped up and I wanted to say thanks for the support throughout the process in having a nice place. Thanks to the staff of the Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru: Giohanny Mueck, Felipe Solari, Corrado Daly and Walter Segama. Congrats to the initiative of the Fedora Diversity team to foster more women involve in Linux. In addition, thanks to the help of Chhavi in the design and Bee for the help in planning the event. These were our FWD peruvian speakers:

We had three previous session with the speakers and members of our local Linux team. In the following picture you can see our work behind the scenes. I must to highlight the support and help of Solanch Ccasa in this new endeavour:

The core Day

I started my talk by giving a brief history of Fedora, since 1985 when GNU was conformed, until 2017 with Fedora 26 version. I also have shown help received from other Fedora Women as Marina, Robyn, Bee, Chhavi and Amita whenever I had technical and administrative issues. The “Google Summer of Code” program, how to join to the Fedora community, its philosophy and topics related were explained. My talk lasted twenty minutes as I did prepared.

Other women talks and workshops followed as planned DNF, GIT, Fedora loves Python, Linux commandsD3

It was great to see many women interested in the Linux world. More than seven years of organising events in Lima related to Linux, and this was first time I see several women using Fedora with GNOME at the same time.  

We have shared a special FWD cake, and posted on a Fedora board pros and cons of why you use Fedora or not. 

Special thanks to guys that helped us during the whole event: Martin Vuelta, Rodrigo Lindo and Rommel Zavaleta. 

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