Kushal Das: Taking off Red Hat, but not Fedora

Red Hat, the name means a lot of things to me. Red Hat Linux was the first
Linux distribution I ever saw and worked with. Later I moved into Fedora, and
it became my defacto distribution from Core 1 days. Started contributing to
the project formally from 2006, and joined in Red Hat for the first time back
in 2008. People kept asking me why do I wear my Red Fedora everywhere, why do I
feel so enthusiastic all the time? For me, it is always the people, the company
itself started to provide a healthy relationship with the businesses and Free
Software vendors (including itself). It is still standing tall and growing
because of the people in the company, who still cares about Freedom. I left
Red Hat for 11 months in between, and then came back to work on Fedora itself
as Fedora Cloud Engineer in the Fedora Engineering
. Later Sayan also joined the team.

The last 3 years were full of fun in different levels. There were last-minute
breakages, heated discussion over IRC or on emails. But, the community stayed
above of everything, the goal of releasing a better distribution for everyone,
and kept inventing at the same time was in sync. I actually have to admit that
I can not express my feelings about working on Fedora as a full-time job. It
was the dream coming true. Friendships became deeper, found many complete new points
of view at things in life. It is never only about technology. The 4
always remind us why
the community is still growing and why we are in love with the project.
I should mention that most of my technical know-how about Fedora and many related things actually came from Patrick. He taught me a lot of things over the years.

I am now back as a
community contributor to the project. This was a personal decision, and I got
support from Anwesha and friends to go ahead with
this. I always worked on upstream projects with my personal email ID, means
there is nothing changed in Fedora directly for me.

At the end, I want to thank Paul Frields, Matthew Miller, Denise Dumas, and rest of
the Fedora Engineering team and the community to give me this opportunity.

Source From: fedoraplanet.org.
Original article title: Kushal Das: Taking off Red Hat, but not Fedora.
This full article can be read at: Kushal Das: Taking off Red Hat, but not Fedora.


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