Julita Inca Chiroque: GTK talk at UNAC

Today I did a talk regarded to GTK on Fedora and GNOME. Thanks to the group Codefiis for organizing the workshop at the Faculty of Industrial and Systems Engineering UNAC. We started by installing a Virtual Box and Fedora 26. I have explained the basis of GNU/Linux, Fedora and GNOME. I recommended to see the OS revolution video and to check official Websites of the projects to understand more about the way they work.

Seven examples of GTK were explained line by line while the installation have been done. 

The attendances were so dilligent and at least some of them achieve to run the first program in two hours. They have not used Linux before and I feel optimistic about their willings to learn more about Linux. I talked abou the GSoC 2018 program and the opportunities they have abroad if the contribute with the FLOSS projects.

This was a warmhearted experience because I studied at UNAC and my teacher of programming was there to welcome me in this educational house. I hope I have contributed a little with my Linux experience to the new UNAC generation.

This is the pthoto of the group and I want to give a special thanks to Fiorella Nuñez 🙂

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