Julita Inca Chiroque: Proposal of the program “Peru Rumbo al GSoC 2018”

We are going to select 12 Peruvian students students to offer a special technical training during six Sundays during November and December 2017 to apply to the next round of the GSoC through the GNOME and the Fedora project, thanks to the support of the Linux Foundation.

I am planning to spread this idea to apply to the program in many Lima universities.  The exam will let me to filter the best candidates.

The exam will last 3 hours and will cover these topics:

  • 30 minutes: History of GNU/Linux, Fedora and GNOME

Based on this video, GNOME wiki and Fedora Website.

  • 30 minutes: Linux basic commands in terminal including VI

Based on the Backtrackacademy online course.

  • 30 minutes: C pointers and structure

Based on the C tutorial.

  • 30 minutes: Python basic functions and class

Based on the Guido van Rossum bookPython para todos‘, and series of Python videos.

  • 30 minutes: Javascript

Based on the Ceviche JS link.

  • 30 minutes: Concepts of programming

Based on the MIT programming introduction course.

Our meeting are going to be on Sundays (9am -6pm) at the university and each session will be documented in a personal blog and in the git account of each student.

I am planning to ask for a sponsor to Fedora and GNOME to cover food of the ten students and two instructors (including me) every session. I am estimating almost $5 for each person, therefore, I hope that Fedora and GNOME can support me with this idea with $200. The Linux Foundation can give us hoodies with the Linux Foundation brand on it, and a certification if we pass a final exam, for students and trainers.

* We are considering C and Javascript o participate with Fedora in the GSoC, and GTK with C and python to apply to GNOME.

* Our trainers: Martin Vuelta (C), Randy Real (Python), Gerson Garrido (Java Script) and Julita Inca (Linux Administration)

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Original article title: Julita Inca Chiroque: Proposal of the program “Peru Rumbo al GSoC 2018”.
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