Robbi Nespu: Remove .cvs folder from GIT repo

CVS (Concurrent Version Control) is very old source code control but it still use nowadays for certain project, even BSD ports still using CVS. I don’t like cvs because it hard and difficult to control especially when branching are treat like repos, it will be disaster to rollback when suddenly the source / system are unstable.

For those who are using GIT services as tracer of source code changes versus CVS, you may encounter this problem where you will see a folder named .cvs on each folder of your code.

If you want to delete this folder, access you project / module via terminal and use this command to find folder .cvs and then destroy it:

$ find . -name '.cvs' | xargs git rm -rf --ignore-unmatch

Last, add changes to local and push your code back to git origin server.

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Original article title: Robbi Nespu: Remove .cvs folder from GIT repo.
This full article can be read at: Robbi Nespu: Remove .cvs folder from GIT repo.


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