Fedora Magazine: Make Firefox Quantum look native in Fedora 27

You may already know about the introduction of Firefox Quantum in Fedora. Since Quantum brought changes to the extension marketplace, you may wonder how to get it to look like a native Fedora app. Enter client side decoration. This article will show you how to use this feature to make Firefox look like other apps in Fedora.

Configuring client side decoration

Client side decoration allows the application to use its own decorations. Traditionally the window manager is in charge of providing the title bar, close button, border, re-size grips, and so on. These graphical elements are called decorations. With client side decoration, an application can tell the window manager, “No thank you, I don’t want decorations.”

The latest Firefox Quantum available in Fedora 27 has native support for client side decoration. To use it, open Firefox and type about:config in the location bar. Then search for widget.allow-client-side-decoration. Set the value to true by double-clicking on it. Finall, restart Firefox and enjoy the new look.

Firefox with client side decorations

Here’s how Firefox Quantum looks compared to other GNOME applications. The client side decorations will also pick up some of the customizations if you’re running a non-stock theme for GNOME. This makes the difference even more noticeable.

Firefox with CSD looks more like native GNOME apps


Source From: fedoraplanet.org.
Original article title: Fedora Magazine: Make Firefox Quantum look native in Fedora 27.
This full article can be read at: Fedora Magazine: Make Firefox Quantum look native in Fedora 27.


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